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Learn To Create Your Own Deer Skull Mount
Taxidermy For The Sportsman
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Dan Rinehart
European Deer Skull Mount Video Opening Transcript -Lately a new type of way of presenting a deer rack on the wall is gaining popularity and that is a European Mount. The European Deer Skull Mount uses a nice white type of bleached out skull such as this... it has a nice kind of south western kind of Native American look and more sportsman are looking at this direction for putting their antlers up on their wall. Now this rack right here has been done with what they call thermostat beetiles. These are actually flesh eating beetles that you put the skull right in a colony and they just get in there and through all the nasal cavities and everything they eat all the flesh away and then your just left with the skull. But what do you do if you want a European Skull mount and you don't have the skull of the deer any more? Well fortunately there is a alternative and that alternative is a recreation deer skull mount.

Field Care For A Skull Mount 
Skull Crafters
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Video Opening Transcript - If you are getting a european skull mount done or doing one yourself field care is very important. Your best bet is to skin your trophy and get it into a freezer as soon as possible. Once the skull starts to deteriorate it pulls in the greese from the meat around it and it also pulls in the blood staining the skull.

 Screen Shot From The European Skull Mount Video From Nature's Touch Taxidermy
Natures Touch Taxidermy
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Don Rich

Do you have a screw driver, a knife and a turkey boiling pot? Then you can create a beautiful skull mount today! Don Rich From Nature's Touch Taxidermy Shows Viewers how to create European Skull Mount of a whitetail deer for under five dollars. There are 3 different types of European mounts that are commonly used today in taxidermy: Beetles or bugs, Boil the whole skull with the teeth and This video shows the classic method that started in the 1700's. The whole process takes 3-4 hours and is best done soon after the deer is harvested.

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