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Mounting A Whitetail Deer Part 4 - Finishing The Mount

WELCOME BACK!  We are almost at the completion of our professional deer mount. Throughout the past three issues of Taxidermy Today, we have focused on the professional mounting techniques I use when skinning, fleshing, auto tanning, manikin prep and mounting a deer shoulder mount. From the very beginning of Part #1 of this article series, I made it clear that the purpose of this article series was to concentrate on the specific techniques involved in creating a high quality professional mount for your customer. Providing you with techniques that can be repeated a thousand times to satisfy the American sportsman has been my goal from the beginning. Techniques that you can build a business upon and satisfy your customers is the heart and soul of the taxidermy industry. It’s not the competitions and the “thousand hour” deerhead that makes the taxidermy industry GREAT. Instead, it’s the consistent quality of a “repeatable” professional whitetail mount that keeps the financial gears of this industry turning. It’s the professional taxidermists (fulltime or part-time) across America in their taxidermy studios, basements or garages that have built our industry and created a strong livelihood that we enjoy today. This article series is dedicated to you. YOU are the reason America has the strongest taxidermy industry in the world!

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Mounting A Whitetail Deer Part 3- Mounting

Thanks for coming back for Part 3. In this article we will be looking at all the things involved in mounting a Professional Shoulder Mount. So, let’s not waste any time and get right to it! First, lay the cape out on a bench and stretch it from side to side. This will put width back into the cape getting it back to the original proportions before fleshing. I tug pretty good to regain the neck measurement.

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Mounting A Whitetail Deer Part 2 -Manikin Prep, Antler Set, Eye Set, Nostril/Lip Slot

Welcome back — I hope you enjoyed the first part of this article series. Throughout Part 2 of “Mounting a Whitetail” we will be covering everything involved in getting the manikin ready for mounting the hide. We’ll start with preparing the surface of the manikin to accept hide past and move on to antler setting, lip slot – nostril – tear duct cutting, septum insertion and finally eye setting. The accuracy and quality we perform throughout these procedures will have a direct impact on the ultimate quality of our mount. So let’s jump right in and get to it!

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If you have have been wanting to learn deer taxidermy but just don't have the time or resources to attend a taxidermy school then this site is for you.  From simple projects like mounting antlers to complex deer shoulder mounts our professionaly produced videos will teach you how to do deer taxidermy.


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Deer Antler Mount Video

Making A Deer Antler Mount

For The Sportsman
Part 1 of 1
Dan Rinehart
Taxidermy Video Opening Transcript -Welcome back to another exciting episode of Taxidermy for the Sportsman. Today were in Buffalo County Wisconsin home of monster whitetail deer and were at High Tines Outfitters and today owners of High Tines Outfitters Corey Milkey and Aaron Dobbs have invited us to come onto their land and were going to join Aaron and Corey on the hunt were they bag this monster 156 class whitetail deer - Deer Hunt Sequence- What I'm going to do now is I'm going to take you back to the taxidermy studio and I'm going to show you how to preserve the whitetail, the memory of the hunt through antler mount. You know there is allot of ways to create a antler mount but there are a couple of very professional ways to mount the antlers on a panel with a finished off skull plate

Caping A Deer For A Shoulder Mount

Skinning a Deer For a Shoulder Mount

For The Sportsman
Part 1 of 1
Dan Rinehart
Taxidermy Video Opening Transcript -Welcome back. In this episode we are going to go over a topic that's important to every sportsman- and that is how to effectively and accurately cape out your whitetail deer (for a shoulder mount). You know as a taxidermist I can't tell you how many times that sportsman have brought in their deer cape, beautiful deer, and they have hacked up the cape. It's totally ruined. They have ruined their beautiful mount and the mount of a lifetime. So were going to take a look at how to preserve and how to cape that mount out so you can get the best mount from your taxidermist. Don Rich a friend of mine and owner of Natures Touch Taxidermy just gave me a call and he told me that he just got a nice big buck in so lets go over to his studio and he's going to show us how he capes out his deer and this is the exact way that you can do it yourself prior to going to the taxidermist.  Non Members Preview The Deer Caping Video Here

Fixing Broken Antlers On A Deer Mount

Antler Repair - Fixing Broken Antlers

Nature's Touch Taxidermy
Part 1 of 1
Don Rich
Taxidermy Video Opening Transcript -Hi, I'm Don Rich of Natures Touch Taxidermy and Today I am going to show you how to repair a deer's antlers.  Now that the deer is mounted allot of times I will repair them with the antlers off.  It is allot easier and less mess.  But you can still easily repair them while it's on a mount without a problem.  The first thing I would do is take a plastic bag and bag the head over just so we don't get any water or any stain or anything on the hair. Non Members Preview The Antler Repair Taxidermy Video

Tanning A Deer Hide At Home

Tanning A Hide At Home

For The Sportsman
Part 1 of 1
Dan Rinehart
Taxidermy Video Opening Transcript -In this episode I'm going to show you how to tan a hide at home. Whether it's a small mammal a fox or whether it's a deer (the principal is the same). I am going to show you a brush on tanning system that you can use at home to tan your own hide. (In this episode the subject matter is a deer but the principal of tanning a hide works for all mammals) Non Members Preview The Hide Tanning At Home Video Here

Making a deer decoy out of a real deer hide -The Deercoy

Making A Taxidermy Decoy

For The Sportsman
Part 1 of 1
Dan Rinehart
In this episode I am going to share with you a new and exciting product called the Doe-Coy. A Doe-Coy is actually a deer decoy that uses a deer hide and taxidermy procedures to create a highly realistic deer decoy ever made. A friend of mine, Don Rich of Natures Touch Taxidermy invented this product and he is joining us today and we are going to take a look at the Doe-Coy. So here it is the Doe-Coy, but it really kind of looks just like a suite case, but it actually carries the head, as well as hunting supplies in side it so when you get out to your hunting site you can just assemble it. The first time Don went hunting with the Doe-Coy he got himself a nice Midwest Wisconsin buck.

Deer Foot Lamp Novelty Taxidermy Project Video
Dan Rinehart Taxidermy
Part 1 of 1
Dan Rinehart
There's the shoulder whitetail deer mount, the european mount and the antler mount but then there is also creating a beautiful lamp with whitetail deer feet. It's an exciting taxidermy project. Let's take a look at the supplies we are going to need. The lamp we are going to create is very unique and there is a natural look to it. A look that looks good in any trophy room or den. It's a special deer taxidermy project and it starts off with a lamp shade, and you can see that this is a special lamp shade. Now you might be asking yourself...Whitetail deer lamp, were do I get supplies for that? Fortunately in modern taxidermy there is a supply for almost everything including the novelty project whitetail deer lamp. Non Members Preview the deer foot lamp taxidermy video here