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WELCOME BACK!  We are almost at the completion of our professional deer mount. Throughout the past three issues of Taxidermy Today, we have focused on the professional mounting techniques I use when skinning, fleshing, auto tanning, manikin prep and mounting a deer shoulder mount. From the very beginning of Part #1 of this article series, I made it clear that the purpose of this article series was to concentrate on the specific techniques involved in creating a high quality professional mount for your customer. Providing you with techniques that can be repeated a thousand times to satisfy the American sportsman has been my goal from the beginning. Techniques that you can build a business upon and satisfy your customers is the heart and soul of the taxidermy industry. It’s not the competitions and the “thousand hour” deerhead that makes the taxidermy industry GREAT. Instead, it’s the consistent quality of a “repeatable” professional whitetail mount that keeps the financial gears of this industry turning. It’s the professional taxidermists (fulltime or part-time) across America in their taxidermy studios, basements or garages that have built our industry and created a strong livelihood that we enjoy today. This article series is dedicated to you. YOU are the reason America has the strongest taxidermy industry in the world!

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